Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Let see how their blog progress !

 First blog ~
'Chic Shawl'

Hi Readers !
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Good views : We are very impressed with the blog 'chic shawl' for their blog is very interesting and beautiful. They provide enough information about how to order, how to make payment and delivery  their product. They also have the latest and various design with reasonable priceWe are satisfied with the product they offered.

Bad views :  Their shawl always out of stock. and the customer have to wait for a long time to restock the item. So, they need to place order earlier to ensure stock is always available.

Rate for this blog : 4 / 5 

Second blog ~

 'al-humaira contemporary'

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Good views : The material for the veil is high quality cotton lycra and thai / raw silk for the awning. The awning will not easily broken or folded. They use high grade awnings to ensure the long lifespan for each and every hijabs. The design of the hijabs is very unique and attractive. The colors used suitable for any kinds of wearing apparel. The fabric is more comfortable. The fabrics also cool and very easy to wear. Their products are multipurpose and can be wear in gym, swimming and many more.

Bad views : They are not liable in a delivery if delayed reached to the buyer. The product is not delivered as soon as possible. It takes 7 days working hours to delivery their product compared to other business blog.

Rate for this blog : 4.5 / 5

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